The Un-authorized biography of the biggest dog that ever lived. A wonderul children's story that teaches what it means to be big.


The relationship between Humans and Canines is the oldest, and arguably the most successful inter-species success story of all time.  The evolution of that relationship has not only grown, but endured over the millenia.   The reader is taken on a journey of Frankie's life, from his days as a puppy, until the day he left this world, and the  effect he had on those around him.    The chapters are quick and easy to read, each with a subtle life lesson woven into them.  The reader learns of the inner strength of this little dog through his personal mantra... 

“If I’m HERE, then I have no fear."

About Frankie

 The central theme of the story is FEAR.  And the courage it takes to overcome fear.   Frankie makes a great role model for children of all ages who look for courage in a world that is ever changing and sometimes frightening (even before the corona confinement).  Children will see themselves through Frankie's world.  They start to learn along with Frankie, what it truly means to be BIG.  Dog owners will also identify with this touching story as it is quickly becoming THE GIFT to give to people who love (or lost) DOGS.


Why it's Different from other Dog Stories

Breaks Rules and Barriers

Most children's stories are intended to be read to a specific age group.  Frankie's individual chapters can be read and understood by children of all ages, the messages contained can be understood by children while admired by adults.  There are also chapters where the author suggest discretion be used prior to sharing with younger children, due to the gravity of the subject matter. 

The BONUS Chapter

A story about a dog should have at least one chapter with TEETH.  The bonus chapter is not what one would normally expect in a children's book.  It deals with death, and the journey into the next world.  Said one reviewer...

"If you've ever HAD a dog, LOVED a dog, and LOST a dog...

and a piece of your inner child wants to be re-united with that dog...


Saying goodbye

The ending is touching, courageous, and may help bring closure to anyone who knows well the pain of saying goodbye to thier best friend.  In fact, the ending was what inspired the rest of the story.

Table of Contents

The Story of Frankie


Chapter 1 Foreground and Legend                 - How Frankie found his courage 

Chapter 2 Frankie at The Pet Store                 - How to make a friend

Chapter 3 Frankie Gets His Name                   - How to love 

Chapter 4 Frankie Goes to The Big House     - How to cope with change

Chapter 5 Frankie finds his Forever Home    - How to deal with bullies

Chapter 6 Bonus Chapter  -

Chapter 7  Frankie Nose Something               - How to know what others don’t

Chapter 8 Kids and Dogs                                  - How to be brave

Chapter 9 The Day Before Christmas            - How to say good bye    



Frankie goes International!  Here's the podcast from Dogcastradio, based in the UK, and hosted by the lovely Julie Hall.  Frankie's segment starts at 34:40, but you may find the beginning story about Kratu to be heart-warming as well.  Woof Woof!