The Un-authorized biography of the biggest dog that ever lived

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Hoping everyone is keeping themselves safe from the Corona virus.  Since so many people are now at home with their kids (NOT a bad thing, BTW), now is a great time to read together.  

Coming soon - Frankie T-shirts in kids sizes.  Stay Tuned!

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Frankie's Book Launch!

Frankie's fans came out to the book launch at the Millersville Animal Shelter Howl-O-Ween Paw-ty!


Baltimore Ronald McDonald House

Meeting some of the brave children and their parents at the wonderful Ronald McDonald House


The Wonderful Staff at the Baltimore Ronald McDonald House

It was an absolute honor to donate a copy of Frankie to the RMcD House.  If there was ever a group of people who know and show NO FEAR daily, it's the guests and staff at this wonderful facility